Stephanie Hill

For Iron County School Board District 4


Stephanie as a person: 

Stephanie Hill has deep roots in Southern Utah. Her family settled the area about 150 years ago and has been in the farming and livestock business for as long. Her grandfather, Doug Clark, served as an Iron County commissioner for years. Stephanie was born in Cedar City and received her B.A. from SUU. She received an M.A. from UCSB and a Leadership endorsement from SUU. Stephanie was single mother until recently marrying and is happy to have found a partner who is equally as committed to the community and to building their life together in Iron County. In her spare time, she loves to read, garden, and cook.

Stephanie as a professional:

As a veteran teacher, Stephanie spent most of those 25 years at a nationally recognized high school. She has taught secondary English, Spanish, ESL and English as a Foreign Language. She had the opportunity to teach in rural Mexico as a Fulbright grantee and also taught at the university, El tecnologíco de Monterrey, Torreón. Special education has been another focus for her as she dedicated more than 11,000 hours towards her son’s therapies for over ten years that allow him to be mainstreamed in public education.

She has petitioned the legislature on dozens of occasions in her role as an advocate, helping move programming to secure the best outcomes for our most vulnerable population. She has graded for state proficiency exams and has written curriculum. She was a National Honor Society Advisor for 14 years over a school chapter that volunteered 3,500-5,000 community service hours annually. She has a deep understanding of education, both as a professional and as a parent. She has helped literally thousands of students find confidence and success through academic achievement and would love the opportunity to help thousands more if elected to the School Board. She would appreciate your vote.


Education is tasked with many responsibilities, some of them controversial, but making sure students can read and write is something that we all want to guarantee. Within an educational context, literacy is the single biggest factor that predicts success and stability in life. We can and should guarantee this for our students!


The public funds education; parents are the primary teachers. So, it only makes sense that we should all have access to the curriculum and resources that our students are given.

Post-secondary preparation

Iron County has many exceptional programs in place for our students, both college and career bound. We need to continue to build and strengthen these channels, also assuring better opportunities for our Special Education students




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